Welcome to Three Changos Handcrafted Soaps blog!



Hello everyone! My name is Mariselys and I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful children.  I currently make handmade soaps and other body products and sell them locally (Los Angeles, CA) and online on Etsy (www.threechangos.etsy.com).  One of my resolutions for this new year was to start a soaping blog.  I am really excited to have this space to share with you how I create my products and I hope to be an inspiration to other crafters. Since this is my first blog post, I want to tell you how I started making soaps and selling them.

I have always loved the aroma of certain soaps.  I remember loving the smell of many soaps my grandmother had in her house, especially the one that smelled like roses ( I think it was called Rose Bouquet, I’m not sure).  The only bad outcome was how my skin felt after using them.  It was really dry and itchy and at that time I thought that was normal.  Time passed and I  became pregnant of my first daughter and that was when I awkwardly became sort of obsessed with soap.  Instead of having food cravings, I craved smelling soaps!  It was really weird but good! ha,ha.  I kind of needed to smell soap, even cheap or decorative soaps,  otherwise I wouldn’t be satisfied.  The cravings were so intense, that I kept a soap under my pillow to smell at night during my sleep!  Yes…!
My husband and I then had to move to Los Angeles and during my grocery shopping trips to stores, like Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc…, I discovered artisan soaps! Ooh la la!  So many looked so beautiful and the fragrance variety was amazing. When I decided to give it a try and buy them is when I discovered how wonderful and different real handmade soaps were.  It felt really good to shower with a soap made with natural ingredients and no chemicals.
Thereafter I started to question if I could make my own soaps.  I have always loved to make my own facial masks and other natural beauty products, ever since I was a teenager,  but had never made soap.  I started daydreaming about making soaps, using all sorts of natural ingredients.   I started researching online, bought books, and built my own library about soapmaking : D
My first batch was an Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap (one of my favorite fragrances).  I used a really simple recipe but it was a great success.  After that, I felt unstoppable!  I read that once you make your first batch of soap you become addicted to soapmaking for ever. Well, let me tell you: They were right!  There is such an amazing and gratifying feeling about bringing natural and skin healthy ingredients into a soap that once you do it, you can’t stop. All you will think about is what your next batch of soap will be like, what ingredients you will use, what fragrance, and for fun, the design.
I  decided to start selling my soaps and make some money (to make more soap of course ; D ).  I created a store on Etsy and thanks to all my supporters and loyal customers I have been able to keep my dream and passion alive. I will use this blog to show you how I create all of my soaps and body products and if you like them you can order them on my online store: ww.threechangos.etsy.com.  If you are like me, and enjoy making your own products, I hope I can serve as inspiration for your future creations.   
Blessings and best wishes to all! 2014 already, can you believe it?!  Until next post ; )